SAMSARA screenings

United States




The Netherlands: Opens December 19, 2013

SAMSARA Netherlands screening details

France: Opened March 27, 2013

SAMSARA at ARP Selection

Russia: Opened February, 2013


Czech Republic: Opened October 25th, 2012

SAMSARA at DCinema

Poland: Opened October 19, 2012


Hungary: Opened December 20, 2012

Hungary SAMSARA Facebook page or SAMSARA at ADS Service Kft. web site

Australia and New Zealand: Opened December 26, 2012

Check local listings, and visit SAMSARA at Hopscotch Films

United Kingdom

SAMSARA has almost finished playing in cinemas in the UK. Look for it on DVD and Blu-ray in the UK in January.


The DVD and Blu-ray are availabe in Germany, and SAMSARA is still playing in some German cinemas. Visit  for listings.



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"8/10. Quite terrific...Samsara is such a spectacle that one can't help but cheer it along for showing such determination. There's no way to watch this and not think 'wow.' "

Jordan Hoffman, Screen Crush

"Samsara is profoundly gorgeous stuff that should pack theaters as it hops across the country"

David Ehrlich, Box

"The result after watching, is that "continuous flow" feeling, palpable and present in the world outside the theater, for hours after the credits rolled...the Samsara experience is intoxicating"

Mass Appeal